Gifts and Donations

Contribute Now - Anyone Can Give!

Whether you want to give a one-time donation or establish a recurring gift, your contributions are essential to the ongoing community support that is funded from ECCF. Thank you for donating and helping River Region nonprofit agencies.

Click here to easily make a secure, online donation of any size. There is no minimum gift. Once you begin, you will be given the option to designate your gift to a specific affiliate or event. 

If giving is one of the family values you want to pass along, we can help.

Gift Options

Gifts of Cash

Gifts of cash are deductible up to 50% of adjusted growth income.

Gifts of Stock & Bonds

Gifts of appreciated stock offer a two-fold tax saving: an income tax deduction for full fair market value of the stock at the time of the gift and an avoidance of any capital tax gains on the increase in the value of the stock. Appreciated stock gifts are fully deductible up to a maximum of 30% of adjusted gross income.

Real Estate

A gift of property may avoid capital gains tax while allowing the donor a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the property.

Life Income Gifts

Charitable remainder trusts provide an annual income to the donor or his beneficiary. Upon the termination of the trust, the assets of the trust are transferred to the Foundation to be used for charitable purposes. The donor receives income for life and a charitable deduction for tax purposes.

Life Insurance

By purchasing a new policy or donating a currently owned one, the donor may receive a deduction for the value of the policy simply by designating the CACF as owner and beneficiary of the policy.


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